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Connections for Children (@connections4children) Instagram Profile Photo

Connections for Children

Do you live in the San Fernando Valley, and are looking for a position with a wonderful child care group? Our friends at @ccrc4kids are hosting a job fair this Wednesday, July 24th. Check out the below link to review their open positions, and to submit an application prior to the fair. Good luck! ⁣ ⁣ http://bit.ly/2Z4IbDe ⁣ ⁣ #Chatsworth

Zhanna G (@gnzhanna) Instagram Profile Photo

Zhanna G

The Chatsworth

A veiled Vestal Virgin by Raffaelle Monti is currently on loan to Sotheby's, New York as part of Treasures from Chatsworth: The Exhibition. In Ancient Rome, the Vestals were priestesses whose lives were dedicated to the goddess Vesta. They were tasked to look after the sacred fire burning on her altar in the temple of Vesta, and were regarded as fundamental to the safety of Rome. The discovery of a "House of the Vestals" in Pompeii in the 18th century made Vestals a popular subject matter in art over the following 50 years. #chatsworth

The Tailgate Games (@thetailgategames) Instagram Profile Photo

The Tailgate Games

Chatsworth, California

When you're a champion in the San Fernando Valley πŸ˜‰ . . . #Chatsworth

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Everyone wants strong . Powerlifters and strive for a powerful posterior to help with a full range of exercises and look good on camera. The hip by nature activated the and it is easy to feel right out of the gate. With the load places on the hips, a greater amount of weight can be lifted as opposed to or deadlifts which can put a strain on the lower back. Powerful to help . . . . . . . . . @evinadelpizzo #chatsworth @cnpperformance

Action Sports Photography (@tuskphotography) Instagram Profile Photo

Action Sports Photography

Davin Grose getting his leg on the other side!?! Someone should tell him! 🀣 and Seth Pickett keeping up **See his instagram account for another perspective of this photo! AND even a bird flying!! All things flying at Motopark on Saturday in the heat! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Got to LOVE motopark for all that it offers!! @motoparkracing @davin818 @pickett152 . Need a photographer to get those action shots? Contact me for a private photo shoot at the track! . . If you are interested in copies email me at tuskphotography@yahoo.ca for package deals. I have more photos! πŸ“Έ . . #chatsworth

Mr Darcy in all his glory 😊 Which version of Pride and Prejudice do you prefer: 1995 or 2005? πŸ€” #chatsworth

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