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Daniel Canzian

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Danilo Genovese

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Daniel Canzian

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Perihan Ünlücan

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Food Makers

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Benjamin Kamon

Recently I showed you a Pic of a batch of knives "as forged". This time, except for the tang, they are all profiled. . I'd like to give you a quick insight into the steps necessary to get just here - soft annealed blade blanks profiled. I'm sure I'll forget a few important steps but I guess you'll get an idea of the effort. . First you take the material you forge the blades from. In my case it's a 5mm sheet of 1.2519. My sheets have a lenght of 600mm and a width of 160mm. Therefore my first step in making a knife is to cut out smaller rectangulars with the right height for the particular knife (lenght, width and ness equal the necessary volume to forge the blade I want to). For example a Chinese cleaver needs a rectangular of 160x85x5mm, a Gyuto just 160x45x5mm. . In the next step I forge out the tang, afterwards the blade. When this is finished - about 3 working days are over. I'm not writing them all but mind the small steps in between like getting all the assignments sorted out, all the materials ready (and bought in time) for each knife, having all the tools in the shop, keeping the shop clean, IG (very time consuming)... Aaand so on. . Then I get my templates onto the forged blanks to see where the spine will be. I need to know this to get my makers mark on the right spot. . Now into the temperature controlled oven to normalize. This takes a whole day austenizing and air cooling the blades several times. After that I soft anneal them on the same day as the oven is already heated up. In between whenever I have waiting times I make the handles but nevertheless this heat treatment step is time consuming. . So the next day I have soft annealed, as forged blade blanks. The templates again to get the profile onto the knife and then profiling. Here we are now. I won't get too much into the numerous things that can go wrong until this step. . #chef

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Food Republica

Fantastic lunch today = Tonkatsu is crispy and crunchy Japanese fried pork cutlet with panko bread crumbs. Delicious! This make at home tonkatsu recipe is so easy and tastes just like a restaurants. #chef

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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

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