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❤Clay & Accessories❤ (@sweetheart.handmade) Instagram Profile Photo

❤Clay & Accessories❤

Monopole Coffee Lab Graha Famili

Let’s join Piggy Biscuit Ice Cream clay workshop at The Rosebay! 😃 Welcome adults too 😃 - Minggu 28 Juli 2019 Show Unit The Rosebay Graha Famili Blok O (Sebelah Monopole Coffee Lab) - Sesi 1: 10.00 - 12.00 Sesi 2: 13.00 - 15.00 - Registration Fee Normal: IDR 225K Early bird: IDR 175K (until 26 Juli 2019) - RSVP 0856 3380 866 (Agata) - art

Wall Hanging Making Turorial !!! Coming Soon !!! Stay Tuned !!! Link in Bio !!! #clayart

Lesly Farley (@lesly_with_a_y) Instagram Profile Photo

Lesly Farley

I helped Lydi make a hand print with air dry clay yesterday and we painted it today 😄✋🏻🌈💕 #clayart

클레이인형  (크슈비 clay artdoll) (@csubi_claydoll) Instagram Profile Photo

클레이인형 (크슈비 clay artdoll)

👉 클레이인형 문의는 카톡 csubicake~ ************************************************** 저희 인형은 보내주신 사진과 내용 참고로 헤어,의상,직업,주변소품 등등으로 꾸며드리는 인형입니다! 자료가 충분해야 선물에 의미를 살릴수 있으니 충분한 자료.내용 주시고 인물에 구석구석 세밀한 부분까지 표현되어 닮은 인형이 아닌 얼굴형 부분부분 느낌으로 둥글둥글 표현하는 인형입니다 마음열고 즐길수 있는 분들만 문의 주셔요! ************************************************** 🤗😘😍😊😋😚☺😅😄😁😉🥰🤩☺😚😙😗🥰 클레이 인형상품 가격문의가 많아 안내합니다^^ 인물 기본 외에 소품.배경.내용등 구성에따라 가격이 달라질수 있어요~ 크슈비인스타 참고하시어 카톡 문의주심 빠른 가격 안내톡 드리겠습니다~^^ ******************'******************************** #clayart

atelierolive (@hiromi1977) Instagram Profile Photo


クレイの夏休みワークショップ✨ 8月12.日 11時〜16時 木の葉モール 久しぶりのワークショップです😆 粘土で作ろう! シャカシャカ水族館🐠 シャカシャカキャンディ🍭 遊びに来てね💕 art

🌱 ChienNie [Jen] 🌱 (@lithopsstudio) Instagram Profile Photo

🌱 ChienNie [Jen] 🌱

Goodmorning 🌞 I want to show you something interesting today. I brought this fox back with me from my shanghai trip and placed it on my work space beside a bright window for a week or so. When I spotted it again I was baffled. I remember clearly that I left its white and did not put any glaze on. But as you can see it's a greenish brown! 🍂 This was made with a different clay than my usual porcelain and I noticed all the other pieces that were made with that clay were also turning slightly green. I gathered that it was because this clay holds onto more moisture and thus algae started growing due to Singapore's humid climate and bright sunshine. I experimented to see if it would burn off with the heat from a blowtorch and as you can see the green promptly disappears! I'm not sure if this was definitely algae but I'd love to hear if some of you have experienced this too? This occurrence has reminded me of a project I had in mind to make terracotta creatures to just put out in the garden so moss and algae would grow on them. A little project inspired by my experiences at @naturespace.loewen I hope you enjoyed this fun little experiment! The blowtorch is from my metalsmithing days and so is the firing brick. You can see the fossils of a vessel I made ages ago. If I'm not wrong it was for a carnelian gemstone. Have a great day ahead ✨ *my apologies for the focusing on the video, I didn't realise this was happening till I checked the video!*

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