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Samuel Tokpa (@quaywu) Instagram Profile Photo

Samuel Tokpa

Juneau, Alaska

Will be setting up Access Points and Velo Cloud on a cruise ship docked in Alaska. #cloudsecurity

Meet Greg & Michelle! They’re the product owners for Cloud & CIS Benchmarks. They’ve spent the past few days at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas - chatting with members, answering questions, and networking with other industry professionals.

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CultureFit Technology Staffing

Chicago Riverwalk

Data is gold! Where do you store yours?⠀ ⠀ It is important to know where your is and where it can . ⠀ ⠀ From AWS to Azure to the Google Cloud Platform, organizations are seeing a bit of an issue with "object storage" as these platforms can't maintain storage in private networks due to their foundations.⠀ ⠀ It is incredibly important to assess the risks associated with on premise storage and cloud storage as these solutions all present their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. One must be thinking of their organizational needs when choosing storage, yet networking remains a shadow in the back of many people's minds initially.⠀ ⠀ What is your preferred method of storage? How do you mitigate risks associated with your needs?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ security

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Operation Cybersecurity

Not all hacking involves breaking into a system. Occasionally, it is possible to disrupt the normal workflow of a machine by manipulating the regular sequence of events. This is the story of how a glitch made gambling not so random. [CYBER TALES Series] _____ Follow: @operation_cybersecurity _____ . . . #cloudsecurity

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DataGroup Technologies Inc.

You might think that a data breach can’t happen to your business but it absolutely can! It doesn’t matter the size of your company; everyone is vulnerable to data breaches.😶 • If you aren’t being proactive when it comes to your cloud services and security, you’re putting you and your clients at risk of leaked information. Be prepared, be ready, be cybersafe. • Call DTI to learn how we can keep your information sealed tight!🔒

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Software Contract Solutions

The is essentially a dark pool of power and that can lull us into complacency. Here’s what you don’t know about keeping your in the cloud: http://softwarecontractsolutions.com/12-dark-secrets-of-cloud-security/ Security 

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Altair Integrated Services

According to hostingtribunal.com cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021. **Statistics obtained from: https://hostingtribunal.com/blog/cloud-computing-statistics/ security

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