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.:ThE_ÇrĒw&GReŸ:: (@thecrewandgrey) Instagram Profile Photo


New York, New York

T W I N S* Went to Riis Beach in Rockaway this past weekend and took a dip. #Collectors

Hamden, Connecticut

Thanks to @1984_iscoming this awesome late 80s compact disc juke box gets to be in our lives! #collectors

Alou Dia (@xllstudio) Instagram Profile Photo

Alou Dia


Before getting my Green Card after 10 years as an illegal alien, I knew it was on the way so I’ve decided to start moving from solely abstract to including myself in my Art and «Surfacing» was the first painting of mine that actually shows a silhouette of a human being... The beginning of «Chimes of freedom» series. 2017/18 abstract series “Surfacing” 48x48in (122x122cm) Acrylic, mixed media . . . . . . . #collectors

All Things Pop Culture! (@darthfunkoawakens) Instagram Profile Photo

All Things Pop Culture!

Haven’t heard the best stories about this company... nothing from personal experience just feedback from other collector/buyers. Now they have a pop animation Exc. And if it’s DB or MHA related. They are gonna have me by the ballz. 🤦🏽‍♂️ More than likely though I’m thinking it’s MHA due to the fact that season 4 is upon us and thus far we’ve had TWO Pops added to the line since last week. @bigapplecollectibles #collectors

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