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Since it is sea turtle nesting season, I think this picture fits. | Make sure you stay off all turtle nest sites. If you're walking on the beach and see a turtle, DO NOT disturb it or them. Please just enjoy from a distance! | #Conservationist

Disney's Animal Kingdom

So today begins a wonderful week! 19-25 in @disneysanimalkingdom stop by and ride to donate $2 to @lionrecovery to help protect Lions in the wild. Also make sure to check out @disney Lion King in theaters today! It’s a beautiful movie! ist

Downtown Bakersfield

This sign straight up needed it’s picture taken. #conservationist

Wear Self Care Designs (@wearselfcaredesigns) Instagram Profile Photo

Wear Self Care Designs

San Francisco, California

Aragonite Star Cluster Set available now!⭐️ . . The Conservationist Stone: Assists in Releasing Stress, Relieves Anger, Promotes Care and Conservation of the Earth by enhancing our connection to it.🌍 . . This FULL SET comes with a necklace/pendant, earrings, and a ring that is adjustable and shipping is FREE. DM TO ORDER. Pieces available individually, shipping not included.❤️ . . toorder #conservationist

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Wildlands Network

Our next guest announcement is Aran Johnson. He has worked as the wildlife biologist for the Southern Ute Tribe since 2003. Aran hopes his work will help keep landscapes connected and migration corridors viable in southwest Colorado. Event RSVP: https://buff.ly/2Z07lTr⠀ ⠀ ist

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Working Dogs For Conservation

Yellowstone National Park

Barley and Tobias have been really showing off for the crowds at Yellowstone National Park! This dynamic duo is helping the park rangers check boats for invasive zebra mussels. 🐾 The dogs wear @ruffwear booties to keep the boats safe from their claws. The @terraindog leash is neoprene-lines, keeping our handler’s fingers comfy. 🐾 When they find the mussels, they lie down and then get the ball! Barley loves playing with kids. 🐾 There aren’t any invasive mussels in the park yet. All boats must be inspected, to make sure it stays that way! 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 #conservationist

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