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Har Simaran Singh (@hsbhamarah) Instagram Profile Photo

Har Simaran Singh

First time deadlifting in almost a month. The focus was entirely on the form. Ditched the greediness fo go heavier. Being patient and giving the time to adjust. 120 kg x 3 x 8 @akki.sky01 @leanwolfgym @sikhmuscle

James Dinaso (@dinolifts59) Instagram Profile Photo

James Dinaso

Knox College

Prep Day 10: Little Squat, deadlift, accessory, and hammered shoulders afterward. - Went light with my today and focused on bracing my core and being under control. So I worked at it without a belt and going down slow taking about 2-3 seconds going down. - Worked both conventional and sumo deadlifts today going 2x3 with both of them. For my set of 2 I choose to go with sumo and got an earned 2 reps of 445, which I’m pretty proud of myself for. - Hammered shoulders to finish the workout. Lots of 12s and 15s for 4 sets, so had the volume going on and boy did I feel it. - Taking a rest day tomorrow and then hitting it again Thursday, focusing on one lift a day for the rest of the week! shoutout to @qsharp17 for hitting 600 on deadlifts today (better hit 620 at the meet lol). We all grinding! . . . . . #conventionalpulls

Kevin Bolton (@bigksbodyshop) Instagram Profile Photo

Kevin Bolton

Jared pulled a big PR today, 190 lbs for 3 reps! He's about to smash the gym record in the 132 lb weight class! #conventionalpulls 💪

😭💔I recorded my form for the first time in a long time, and tbh I wanted to cry. I thought my back-rounding/butt-tucking would be slightly better, but NOPE. I cringe so hard every time I watch this, but I’m forcing myself to face the truth💀😂 Time to drop the weights and work on form and hamstrings. . . . . . . . #conventionalpulls

Diesel fitness

SURPRISE, ISSA DEADLIFT VIDEO. 🎉 240# x 12 ~super slow~ reps (had to trim). It’s crazy to think this is pretty much where I opened @ comp last year 😬 There’s still some form stuff to work on.. but I’m excited to see what happens on the platform next month!

Metroflex Gym - Plano

I guess I only deadlift now 🤷🏼‍♀️ 260# x 6 - Plz enjoy my double chin & weird shoulder lock-out. 6 weeks out from Clash of the Barbarians 😬

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