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Chandler Walker (@chandler_saf) Instagram Profile Photo

Chandler Walker

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Snowdon Construction Inc.

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it's ok mummy

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Logan's Barber Lounge

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Brooksy Fitness Enthusiast

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Matty Mitchell

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Karl Hilan

👊🏼K͙E͙V͙I͙N͙ U͙P͙T͙O͙N͙🙌🏼 (@k.uptontattoos) Instagram Profile Photo

👊🏼K͙E͙V͙I͙N͙ U͙P͙T͙O͙N͙🙌🏼

Shahrizal Zainal (@jaioverthrown) Instagram Profile Photo

Shahrizal Zainal

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Adam Longo

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Faust Belarmino

Arthur 亚瑟 🇨🇵 - Life colorist 🎨 (@arthur_le_goff) Instagram Profile Photo

Arthur 亚瑟 🇨🇵 - Life colorist 🎨

Mansfield, Texas

For anybody that has ever asked me about my necklace I wear daily, it's made by @sterlinggracejewelry and it's a symbol that speaks on laying foundatuons for your children. It's my most prized gift I've ever revieved from my son and a task I take most seriously! I'm so proud that Gage has a servant's heart and that we have a church to call home in @creekwoodchurch . Serve Day 2019 was a huge success and we cant wait to serve for many years to come!! 1 Cor 3: 9-11 . . . . . #dadlife

H A I D E R . J A N J U A (@itshaiderjanjua) Instagram Profile Photo

H A I D E R . J A N J U A

Rawalpindi, Pakistan

.................. 2 MONTHS OLD ...................... . Our little birdie is turning out to be quite a fashionista! She is already 2 months old and starting to put on some weight (with quite chubby cheeks). . Her nighttime routine is starting to get better (Thank God!). She had her first Jhelum trip this month and was quite an angel throughout! . These days, you will find her smiling quite repeatedly. We don't if it is social smile or she is smiling 'aewein hee'! . . P.S I tried to force Beanie the Bear in the picture but it just didn't work! . P.P.S My wife (RK) thinks nobody reads my posts and even though I told her this is for my future self, does anyone even read these posts? . . #dadlife

Alexis Adjei Kamps-Egta (@pics.by.akosua) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexis Adjei Kamps-Egta


Utrecht, Netherlands

Balls. What’s worse having no tonic or having to wait 12 hours? Any magic solutions and will this even be any good? It’s been a brilliant but loooong day. life

Michael Limoni (@michael_limoni) Instagram Profile Photo

Michael Limoni

Vai e divertiti a montarli! (Babbo😅) #dadlife

🤪Familienbande🤪 (@familienchaos_hoch_6) Instagram Profile Photo


Vorsicht, Teenager Anfang der Pupertät! Wir waren heute zusmen unters. Die beiden kleinen waren in der Kita und der mittlere unserer Jungs war mit Papa unters. Ist für beide Seiten mal ganz schön, wenn man einfach mal Zeit für nur eins der Kinder hat. Man merkt die beginnende Pupertät bei unserem Ältesten schon ganz deutlich. Er redet anders, er diskutiert viel und er benimmt sich anders. Es wird eine spannende Reise werden, die Pupertät. Für uns alle, denn auch wir gehen den Weg zum ersten Mal als Eltern. Liebevoll nennen wir die Phase Puperze 😂 Mal sehen wie es wird, wir sind gespannt und werden natürlich unser bestes geben. 🙃 . . . #dadlife

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