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Shaughn and John

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Heather Southerland

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Salim Patel

I have two daughters. One is my biological, the other adopted. This still holds true, however. I’m a broken man, and that’s ok with me as long as they are whole and complete. #dads

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Rob Taylor

Even on family trips it's possible to get a few moments with kids. We love them, but sometimes we just have to let them run like crazy in a field so we can relax for a minute. How do you steal away on family trips? We'd love to hear your tips for getting kid-free moments on vacation. . And bunkers! Another part of @LewisandClarkNPS is Fort Stevens State Park. Adding to the coolness of the this awesome National Park are all kinds of fun and historic sites in both Washington and Oregon. You've GOT TO check it out on the blog!  . . . . . . . . . @oregonstateparks #dads

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Catherine Masraff

West Los Angeles

mobo The result of tireless efforts, learning up and down, bumps to overcome, amazing encounters: advisors, partners & friends. And yet the best is to come. This is just the beginning of the adventure and I can’t wait to discover each new step & challenge along the way. It would have been easier to give up. But I couldn’t sleep until I found a solution to help parents, all of them, from the single working mom to the newly invested dad, through the stay at home mom. There isn’t a single parent who discovers the job without a manual. After months of research I’m convinced that the best way to help parents is to connect them with experts: parents like us who just went through the hoops. And there are lots of hoops... Questions all the way through: when your bundle of love is just a few hours till she leaves the nest, throughout the kindergarten and teenage. Parents are always on the move, trying hard to support their kids the best they can. This is mobo. A community of parents who help each other. Have a question? Ask parents who live around you, receive their responses, and breath: problem solved. Better parents, better children. Try to change the world? Let’s start raising our children better for a brighter future. Just imagine what parents can accomplish together! #dads

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Community Well

Sutro Baths and Cliff House

Wednesday Classes: *Psychotherapist: Leah Chalofsky 9-3pm by appt *Somatic Healing: Sue Kuyper 9-3m by appt Thursday Classes: *Psychotherapist: Leah Chalofsky 9-3pm by appt *Bilingual Child Family Therapy: Brigitte Knight 3-9pm *Psychotherapy Services: Evelyn Mejia 3-9m by appt @lamaripositahealing Visit our website for a complete list of classes & services: http://www.communitywellsf.com/calendar-of-services/ #dads

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C.E. Killian

Hey Everyone! My new childrens book 'Walking the Mommy' is for sale on Amazon! It is a fun learning experience for your child! Teaching them all about U.S. Landmarks and Parks from all around the Country! Come check it out! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1072095750 #dads

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Greta Carter

When you are riding shotgun and your hubby looks over and says: "are those your lashes from that stuff?" You know your Lash Boost is working! Message me to find out how to get a free one. #dads

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