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Rob W. James

Thought I would start doing a bit differently. . If half or quarter with more weight are not as effective as parallel , then the same logic suggests a lower weight that allows a slower movement and the greatest depth is the most effective. . Added a pause at the bottom to make it even harder. . If you're going to try this, start with 50% of the weight you would usually use for however many reps you're going to do. . After a few sets of these the sweat was absolutely dripping off me! . I expect to feel sore tomorrow! . #dadtribe

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Dad & More

XL pizza for that XL appetite 🍕 . . @yellowcabpizza now serves pizza by the slice! . . Yellow Cab’s New York Famous XL Pizza Slice is perfect for those looking for a quick, hot, flavorful, and hefty meal. 😋 . . . . . . Follow our adventures 👉 @dadandmore 👉 click link in bio for latest blog post 👉 www.dadandmore.com . . . . . . . . . #dadtribe . . . .

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Jon Murray

To my fellow men out there: Sometimes “hustle” looks like holding a baby while your wife busts out content for social media to pursue a dream that will better your family. . We’re in this together. When she’s working, I’m working and vice versa. When your wife is inspired and has a vision and a dream for your family, do not crush it simply because it may involve you feeding a child, or rocking them to sleep at night. It’s ok that in some cases she might actually be able to make more money for your family than you could. I’ve always wanted Danielle to do things she’s passionate about. Today, I’m glad I didn’t say “no” because I was working and too busy to help or because it might have been a struggle to financially make it happen. Good things come when you actually partner with your wife and work together in ALL areas of life. I’ve come a long way from when we first got married and it’s because of her pushing me forward to help me become a better man.

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John Adams

Mums: Have you ever offered to help a dad with the school run? How would you feel if a dad asked you about arranging a play date? Dads: Would you help a fellow dad make a costume for a school play? Have you ever approached a mum you don’t know and asked her about arranging a play date with you kid? In this video and on the blog (link in profile) I explain why families like mine, where dad is the main carer for the kids, experience greater social isolation and have fewer social connections. Support is thin on the ground and you know what? It’s exhausting. #dadtribe

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Summer holidays Day 2 and we are at the park it’s a very hot day! 👭

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