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Gold Coast, Queensland

A daring thought in the middle of your week💙

Parc Des Princes

Au total ce sont 260 danseurs recrutés par PROMAN qui ont participé à la cérémonie d'ouverture de la Coupe du Monde Féminine de la FIFA, France 2019™ 💃🕺 #daretoshine

Francesca Colletti (@fracoll) Instagram Profile Photo

Francesca Colletti

Mi piacciono le persone che per brillare non spengono nessuno ⭐️ #daretoshine

Caroline Rosenblad (@carorosenblad) Instagram Profile Photo

Caroline Rosenblad

@swedense ・・・ How about equal opportunities? Defender @fischernilla takes a stand for women's football in our latest episode of Stories From Sweden episode (link in bio). Good luck at the World Cup tomorrow, Nilla! Make Sweden proud against Chile. 👧 💪 ⚽ @swewnt @fifaworldcup * sweden.se @swedense Instagram 10 June 2019 * #DaretoShine

Licia Dewing Career Strategist (@licia.dewing.career.strategist) Instagram Profile Photo

Licia Dewing Career Strategist

Know yourself enough to galvanize against the ‘crowd’ because the status quo has a powerful undertow: you can get pulled in spat out. . I learnt this the hard way - (as we often do) when I tried to conform to the status quo - In my career - in my relationships- in my life : it made me miserable and it didn’t serve me. . So I started a process to Know myself and carve my own way. . . More to come on that ! Plus if this is you now ; 🌻Find your own path- 🌻Find your truth - 🌻Find what works for you - Then light up the world with your uniqueness. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ All types of trends will come and go - your uniqueness remains timeless. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ________________________________

Miriam Suppa (@miriam.suppa) Instagram Profile Photo

Miriam Suppa

2 weeks ago. FIFA Fan Experience and Semi Final of the FIFA World Cup. 3 days of football, emotions, new lovely people. And what about you? What's your best memory related to football or in general? Share with me ⬇️💝 • Avete un ricordo di un'esperienza in particolare che porterete per sempre nel vostro cuore? Sia per quanto riguarda il mondo del calcio che in generale. 💌 @fifafanmovement @fifaworldcup @fifawomensworldcup . . . . #daretoshine

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