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Keiko. T O B E

子育て世代の仲間と一緒に自然破壊を起こすメガソーラー計画に反対の署名集めをしています。なぜもっと安全な場所に立てない?中国韓国海外の会社がお金の無い日本の森の主から土地を購入していて知らない間に山が荒らされていく。 日本の森がレープされても黙っていられますか? もしあなたの家族の大切な一員が他者に傷つけられても何もしなくていいのですか? A local project to chop down 60 hectares of the Japanese forest is set in motion without notice to the residents of the area. The mountain will be covered in massive arrays of solar panels. This will destroy habitats for millions of creatures, it will cause hazardous landslides to destroy the our valley. So we speak for the mountains and the trees who have no voice. . . . . #deforestation

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A Wayfarer's Tale


Tree of Life. Trees mark the beginning of life and they play the most important role in the cycle of life in our little planet as well. Moreover they provide food and shelter to humans and animal alike, purify air, call upon rain and maintain ground- water level. And in return, we cut them down under the pretence of development. We are all taught these lessons from childhood, but we tend to forget. The recent NITI AAYOG report by Government of India is an important reminder of the delicate condition of our ecosystem. This is high time that we take a stand against deforestation and cutting off trees. For the next generation we all want a better planet and that can not be possible without saving trees. . . . #deforestation

Dili Saturday walkers. Great walkers, great talkers, great Plastic Bashers. . We do this for the next generation. . When walking, we can pick up the waste of others. . -leste #deforestation -timor -leste

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🍃S E E D L I N G 🍃

Just imagine the size of the forests being cut down. Seedling has a goal, to encourage a more eco-friendly living and to donate to various organizations such as WWF Indonesia in regards to forests.💚 follow us for more updates on upcoming products! 🍃 keep guessing ur admins! admin a is getting close but admin b is just out of your reach🙄. #deforestation

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Jennifer Huxta

On newsstands this week! The August Sustainability issue of @marieclairemag with my article on agroforestry / Moringa in northern Uganda. Thanks to my editor @jenn_edit and to @evamcook . . #deforestation

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