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QUE TAL SI JUGAMOS AL AMIGO INVISIBLE?😊👋✨ . Tal vez esto denote mi edad… Cuando yo era chiquita, en la escuela, para esta época, organizábamos el juego del “AMIGO INVISIBLE”, que consistía en poner todos los nombres de nuestr@s compañer@s en una bolsa. Cada un@ sacaba un papelito, y había que hacerle un regalo especial a esa persona que nos había tocado👈 A mí me encantaba ese juego. Así que, en este nuevo día del amigo que está llegando, se nos ocurrió una súper idea para proponerte…. Tener un DEJAVU… (en todos los sentidos de la palabra…) Etiqueta al grupo de amigas con las que quieras jugar. Nosotras te regalamos $ 1000 + el envío gratis para que le llegue tu regalo (tu DEJAVU) directamente a quien elijas. Te gustaría? Y quién dijo que no vale un auto regalo??? Aclaración: Esto no es un concurso ni un sorteo, simplemente entras a www.dejavu.net.ar, elegís la prenda que te interesa comprar / regalar, aplicas el cupón de descuento DIA DEL AMIGO, y listo.💖 Podes hacer la compra del producto que quieras (dentro del stock disponible) y el envío es sin costo😇 La promoción va a estar vigente en nuestra tienda online hasta el 31 de julio. #dejavu

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ellie ♡

🕯 ₊˚.༄ the filters came in HEAVY 😐 i had to make everything look cohesive 💌 . . . . . . . . . ପ( •̤ᴗ•̤ )੭ु⁾⁾.。.:✽・゚+ tags!! #dejavu

Déjà Vu

So Leute es ist wieder soweit in und wie immer gibt es bei uns 🍹und einen Abend mit unseren 🎧 wir freuen uns auf euch!! und ein Dank an @uwieutku Für die Bilder Erstellung 🤟👌 #dejavu

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martin Cabello

South Hill, Washington

There's a library hidden in the fantasy of TV for the right mind to see. Do you have the ability to download the cryptography. Do you suffer from Deja vu is the biological Matrix and simulation theory a possibility for you. Are you a neurotypical who needs a Neo who's not typical. Can you imagine the possibility of setting your mind free. 👽👽👽 The Fibonacci sequence exists inside of the universes PI. No mathematician has been able to find something that does not exist inside of the universes PI. You can use the universes binary code to prove PI contains every possible sequence of everything that exists in the physical universe down to the quantum while proving there is no such thing as inconsequential sequences. Quantum Cognition utilizes Quantum Field Theory's local manifestations of energy into matter to seed the energy of a dreams imagination to (be) manifested into reality creation by harnessing the Quantum Mechanics of your epigenetic hidden abilities. Hey Google explain M's-Theory to Siri and Watson using Cortana's Halo Covenant and these Quantum entangled strings or magic membranes (what AI called my magic man brains) community #dejavu

Totally just got a full mani pedi! Today’s Capricorn Full Moon & Eclipse will help cleanse out any toxichabits, commitments, or spiritual contacts that are holding us in place that is not compatible with our future. Wether we’re able to envision yourself breaking away now,next week,in a month or a year this Eclipse Season will force us into a new and more true sense of existence. We’ll be able to realize what old beliefs and thinking is keeping up from our desired reality. Our new life will cost us our old one. Everything done in dark comes to light. This Lunar Eclipse will use the partial moonlight its has to shed light on things that have been hiding. Our dreams & intuition will serve as guide-stones and indication of what we need to pay attention to or release. Jealousy,true ill feelings and distasteful things will come to surface. Cleanse and protect yourself!! Eclipse Season from Jan 5 2019-July 4 2020 are in Cancer & Capricorn. These sun signs will be literally be ripped from their old path and on a new one. It’s the only way for us to survive. The past is no more. This is a time to reset,reconnect with self,recharge and dismantle illusions of our pasts. Lay low and let mama universe do her thing. Eclipse Readings end Thursday & they’re $28.88 you’ll find out: 1. What have I been hiding from? 2. What is weighing me down 3. What internal change must I make to experience the life I desire? 4. How can I face my fears ? If it leaves let it go. #DejaVu ♋️ ♑️ 💀🧿🗝 🌕

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Deja Vu - Riprenditi Il tempo

Deja Vu - Riprenditi il Tempo

Giovedì sera Déjà Vu vi aspetta sotto le stelle, chiuderemo alle ore 23:00 e ospiteremo la meravigliosa collezione di @disbanded_official , compresi i costumi, per una vendita speciale! Vi aspettiamo! 🧜‍♀️ #dejavu

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