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Bestdogpics_of_insta 😜🚂 (@bestdogpics_of_insta) Instagram Profile Photo

Bestdogpics_of_insta 😜🚂

Hessen, Germany

We feature the winner of the "at the pool" contest @harrys_dog_contests . The 🥉place drawn by a jury goes to @handsome_zeus_ . He has been winning with the next pic. As the price he received this feature. . . .Zeus is 5.5 years old. He loves swimming obviously, going on adventures, loves his raw treats, the're working on getting their CGC certification and his mom loves al his quirks. He’s so silly he loves to howl like a husky, love the little heart marking on top of his head and She loves how he always knows how to cheer her up ❤️you find mird pics of him @handsome_zeus_ . . . . . # #dogsofig

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