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Zoya Nst

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Michelle Vega

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Mandy & Sten: dieweltgeniesser

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Felipe Nuñez Saldaña

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Andrea Musumeci

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Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. #dreams

I used to hold onto fear as if it were a best friend 🙄 Didn’t even know I did that!! Now it’s holding onto dreams, goals, wishes and love! #dreams

Love this! My workout was this evening, because my timing was off today. Check out this list and make summertime a great time to get into . #dreams

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Renee Britten

Texas Essential Wellness

Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse will bring release on multilevels. Dres + thoughts are heightened with old situations + scenarios resurfacing, helping to bring you new perspectives + hopefully, closure too. 🐐 Any areas you are neglecting in your life are a focal point; deeply cleansing + purging anything that doesn't serve your highest purpose. ♑ We may be asked to deal with + face issues around our fily values, our home + develop a deeper relationship to these things, thus, freeing ourselves from burdens. ⚡ Eclipses accelerates healing + growth. Capricorn rules authority figures, governments, institutions + hierarchies. 🦌 During July, the buck deer begin new antler growth, where hay farmers struggle to put up bales in the barn before impending thunderstorms hit + frequency of summer showers increases - nely as Buck, Hay, Meadow + Thunder. 🌩 Seagoat symbolizes the Sumerian primordial of waters. The fish portion entails passion, spirituality, intuition, connection with soul - the deepest depths of our being. The goat represents intelligence, curiosity, bition, steadiness + ability to thrive in inhospitable environments. The fusion represents the dual nature of Capricorn. 🐟 Channel this bitious drive - 💫 Design your dres - Are your goals manifesting in a way that brings you joy? Go back to your creative drafting board + sketch out some actionable items. Identify milestones to mark progress. 👨‍👧‍👦 Honor your father figures - Capricorn rules the zodiac’s fatherhood house; pay tribute to your dad. 🕺Start again - Forgive yourself + set a new goal. 🏔 Let your resistance guide you - “What I resisting?” Be brave + brutally honest here. There’s innate wisdom underneath the surface. ⚜ Seek mentorship + guidance - Sign of mentors + guides; tap into a wise, experienced person to formally show the way. 🐐 🌍 Element - Earth 💎 Crystals - Rose Quartz Blue Calcite + Apache Tears 💧 Essential oils - Lemongrass, Siberian Fir + Bergot ♑ bition

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