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Bmw 3 series lovers (@bmw3series_russia) Instagram Profile Photo

Bmw 3 series lovers

Ali Imran Altintop (@ali_imran_altintop_6) Instagram Profile Photo

Ali Imran Altintop

| E90ers Of Lebanon | ™ 🇱🇧 (@e90clublebanon) Instagram Profile Photo

| E90ers Of Lebanon | ™ 🇱🇧

Bmw 3 series lovers (@bmw3series_russia) Instagram Profile Photo

Bmw 3 series lovers

❤ RIP DAMIEN ❤ (@uberschalled) Instagram Profile Photo


Jonathan Ramirez (@aldo_jonathann) Instagram Profile Photo

Jonathan Ramirez

Goran Grozic (@ggrozic) Instagram Profile Photo

Goran Grozic

After a couple thousand miles on the E90 M3 I can honestly say it’s everything I was hoping for, great power, handles on rails, and excellent on road trips! Happy to add it to my M3 family! E30 M3 next! #e90

Feeling blue got me sea sick 🤒

Owen Arliawan (@owen54_e90) Instagram Profile Photo

Owen Arliawan

The G-Plus Intercooler I bought for just $200 on Amazon is proving to be pretty good. Haven't seen IAT above 120F on pulls on warm days pushing 16-17psi to redline with 19-20psi in midrange. It did hit 130F on a full 4th gear pull today since it was pretty hot out. But overall I'm super impressed by it considering the price lol it doesn't add much if anything to the dyno feel but it definitely made the car's power more consistent as before the IATs hits 160-170F on hot days and made no power. The build quality is pretty good too all the welds are relatively clean and the black paint was even and seems to hold up so far. Only issue was mine had the outlet connection banged in shipping and I had to hammer it back to a circle for it to fit. . . . #e90

Mechanic Johnny (@mechanicjohnny) Instagram Profile Photo

Mechanic Johnny

Los Angeles, California

So we finally installed the oil pan on our beautiful 2008 BMW 335i. ALL OIL PAN GASKET SERVICES INCLUDE OIL PAN CLEANING FREE OF CHARGE! Yes i know this one doesn't have my famous yellow torque markings the marking happens later when they get torqued down my priority is getting the oil pan on asap to avoid dust from getting into the engine. If your N54/N55 engine is leaking oil dont wait!! Lets check it out!! If your BMW needs a clutch, walnut blasting, injector coding or your moms Camary needs service hey lets book an appointment today! Conveniently located in Los Angeles 👨‍🔧😎 #e90 !!

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