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#Actor - #Model - #Fitness

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©thespearheadpoet on a hiatus

Poems Porn

Some thoughts in my mind. (Idea by @aliterarysoul, followed after @barelyswati) . . 1. Vito tells to "keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" without hinting the presence of a subtle yet strong a paradox while I spend my nights with shot eyes reading between the lines of messages from someone whom I called a friend. ... 2. You don't have to bury your fears and tears under the pillow anymore. They'll come out one day, either as roses in your garden or as people that pluck them for their own. ... 3. You will come to understand that rain or hail does not make you shiver to your bone, then while being in proximity to that of a person, truly vicious. Similarly, you'll also know that the strongest fire does not burn bright in comparison to that of the indignation of someone you love. ... 4. "Love you to the moon and back" sounds faker when I practice telling to others than to myself. ... 5. Nightmares do not necessarily haunt me at night; the real ones come in the form of those in flesh, and bone. ... 6. In the end, is the winner. Either you fall at its feet, or make peace with it. But suffering never is. ... 7. Hugging someone in for more than 10 seconds helps. Hugging a pillow while I'm in works better. ... 8. You're going to wake up every single day feeling useless and hopeless. The truth is, no one has pretty much figured it out except inch away from it, like moths fluttering away from the light. ... 9. I have learnt that insecurities are treasured gold to your selcouth soul. It's better to keep them visible than otherwise. Haters will have to calm down, eventually. ... 10. Love is love. And it is one love, irrespective of how "Ugly" people may say. Maybe they haven't seen or felt love enough, than you have ever felt. . . PC: @pinterest #feminist  

At Kuweni we thrive in creating sustainable job opportunities for women. We believe that by enabling women to participate fully in communities builds stronger economies, helps attain objectives for development and sustainability and improves the quality of life for women, men, families and communities. #feminist

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Katherine Alvarado

Cusco, Peru

Gracias por hacer mis sueños realidad, por creer en mi ❤️ prometo dar eso y más. El primer paso, creer en ti. El segundo paso, pon en práctica tus sueños. El tercero, levántate en cualquier tropiezo y no bajes la cabeza. #feminist

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Love seeing our FEMCHICas in their FEMCHIC tees! 🖤 Click the link in our bio to shop our “Call Me A Feminist” tee . . . . owned style #feminist

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