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Э. Цолмон-Ундрал (@tsooooomooooooo) Instagram Profile Photo

Э. Цолмон-Ундрал

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Starry Wonder

Buffalo, New York

Don't surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn't true anymore.| Fire is creation energy. Astrologically, and are the fire signs in the and currently the flames are beginning to dry up the Cancerian’s cardinal waters we’ve been wading through as more planets enter these signs. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Mars is almost halfway into Leo. Today, the Moon enters Aries and the Sun returns to his Leo homeland. In a short time, Venus enters Leo and Mercury while in Cancer currently is retrograde which began in Leo while conjunct Mars. Fire. Creation. And yes, a but if destruction too. But nonetheless a fantastic opportunity weaving through to get rid of stagnancy, to dry up, to burn, to heat up, move and create... to revive the spark of life 🔥 Which of the 12 houses in your chart has on the cusp? This tells us the area in your life providing the landscape where all this creation will be firing up. Are there any planets or key angles contained therein? If so, even greater intensity is in store for you and the corresponding houses each of those planets rule as well. Moving from water emphasis to fire, we may find we run too hot. Look for cool and wet foods and colors to help balance you out if needed. Otherwise, throw yourself into the flame and may its renewal give birth to our new found joys and sparks of life. #fire

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Orestis Seferoglou

Mati, Greece: 1 year after the wild fire that killed 102 people. #fire

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Sameer Srivastava

#Fire from my house Shikha

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