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Punita || DC VA MD

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Teddy - Werner Rudolf

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Matthew Cibere

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Stephanie Kathmann

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Danielle Ditzenberger

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Florian Pfeiffer

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Jason Emer, MD

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👆 TOP SUPLEMENTOS PARA PERDER GRASA 🌿 . En esta infografia, traemos los mejores suplementos que pueden ayudar con la perdida del porcentaje graso. Si bien no son mágicos, pueden ayudar a marcar la diferencia en etapas avanzadas de la definición. 🔥 . Para que estos suplementos funcionen tienes que tener las bases controladas, es decir, un déficit calórico y una actividad física acorde con el objetivo, si no controlas las bases no esperes bajar de peso 😭😠 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Conclusión: cafeina y efedrina en su caso serian los quemadores de grasa, mientras las catequinas del té verde y la L-tirosina permiten trabajar con mayor eficiencia al mismo tiempo que se reduce la actividad eléctrica asociada con la ansiedad. Mayor perdida de grasa, calma y relajación. . Comparte a quien creas que le puede ser útil la informacion. . #fitfam

Test and Build Your Grip Strength, by Dan John @coachdanjohn . When I grew up we used to play on monkey bars and challenge ourselves to pull-up tests. We grew up with strong grips. In fact, I'd never even heard of straps until after I'd been Olympic lifting for a few months. But that was then. Weak grips seem to be epidemic nowadays. Luckily, the hands are amazing feats of engineering. Your brain uses a lot of its energy and wiring to make the hands work better. So, we can learn to engage our brains more by focusing on our grip. . Take the Grip Test . First, test your grip. Everyone should be able to hang from the pull-up bar for at least thirty seconds. Some of us will discover just from this test how lousy our grip might be and how jacked up our shoulder girdle has become. But that's a simplified test. The actual test is this: . Hang from the bar for thirty seconds. When the timer rings, do a pull-up. If you can do that, you're not too bad. . But let's push it a little. Without letting go, drop back down and hang for another thirty and do a second pull-up. For the true crazies, let's see who can do 10 of these 30-second hang pull-ups. Few can. . Gripping is the weak point for most trainees. To improve it, train with bars. My first bar deadlift told me how far I needed to go, despite all my hours on the monkey bars. There are lots of bonuses from doing deadlifts, curls, and rows with bars, including learning how to achieve perfect in lifting. But what I came away with was this: The bar was a simple trick to build superior strength. If you don't have a bar, use adaptors. Or, go cheap and split a PVC pipe of appropriate width and length and slip it over a standard barbell. A two-inch grip is difficult and the three-inch is brutal. . . . #fitfam

Day 2 summary Not much sleep was had in the Kirk apartment and you can make of that what you will....🙄 Daddy and Ava nearly missed breakfast and It wasn’t because we are both intermittent fasting 🤣 Spent the morning and afternoon by the pool, enjoying the sun, the slides and the unicorn inflatables. Tonight we are at my first real children’s entertainment and I have to say @tuiuk have really outdone themselves. Not only is the music relevant to the children but dancing is as well. Ruby and Ava are both absolutely loving it and I loving watching the smiles be across their face:

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Christian-Personlig Træner

Urban Gym

Godt jeg kun rammer ben en gang i måneden 😅

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