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Mark Timmony | Author (@marktimmony) Instagram Profile Photo

Mark Timmony | Author

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Jack E. Cheal

Contact me to be help me create the next truly great comic series. Artists or orchestrated publishers don't miss out: Sabrina Di’Anno is the Conan of the 21st century; homeless squatter, activist for food and shelter; muscle-bound hero of whispered, taboo legends; she is the indie-muscle-movie star of the female building world and has men falling at her feet and crawling up her muscled thighs like clad princesses from Frazetta paintings. Read of her and her companion and lover Selena Adogo in the tales of the TEENAGE MARTIAL ARTIST SQUATTERS. #flashfiction

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S.M. Grady

I’ve decided to add a new category to my site: Just for Laughs. If you’re following the site via email, then you already know all about it. If you aren’t: Subscribe! And click the link in bio to check it out.. • • #flashfiction

Maomi (Ana)❀ (@maomietta) Instagram Profile Photo

Maomi (Ana)❀

At 3am last night - while I was SUPER loopy on sleeping meds - I wrote something on my laptop. I woke up this morning and read it, realising that (unsurprisingly) the grammar was horrible, the sentences repeated themselves, and I overused a lot of words. The gist of the writing intrigued me though, so here is a polished version of that piece. Swipe for the full thing! (My mum says I was probably possessed while writing this lmao.) - - #flashfiction

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Eldorado, Misiones

The best time of the week (aka of course) is back! An prompt would have been too easy right? 👽 Good luck writers!

Alastair Luft (@alastairluft) Instagram Profile Photo

Alastair Luft

Clicks, clocks, and crocs on crocs. . #flashfiction . . Writing prompt courtesy of AgathaChocolats.

⚡️ Flash Fiction Friday ⚡️ . Part four of Connor and Lacey’s story! . Connor didn't see a way where this ended well. . The gun had misfired once but it wasn't going to happen again, there were four men surrounding them, and he had to wonder why they would come back, and why they had zeroed into the woman he was currently holding in his arms. . Who was she? . And why did someone want her dead? . Read the rest on my website - https://janeblythe.com.au/week-131-the-tension-was-so-thick-youd-need-a-machete-to-cut-it/ . #flashfiction

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carlo manjares

#FlashFiction 'My Weird Dre About My Crush' One night, i was in our province. I'm at my room holding my cellphone while watching Super Man vs Batman. I was enjoying the movie until the end. After that movie i turn off the light and ifeel sleepy i took my pillow and embraced it. I do not know that i fallen asleep after a while i dreed that i was stuck in the elevator with my crush Liza Soberano i talk to her and we have a conversation and i shot a photo with her. In the middle of our conversation i accidentally farted i was laughing at the super she. I wake up and looked at the clock at 7: i'll take action because i have remedial class. When i was in school i was attendance and listen to the handsome and best for english teacher and after the teaching we asked him if he had to leave and it's because the class was dismissed. Here ends up messy and weird story. @justjohnwayne

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