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EmmaLee Wolf (@emmaleewolf) Instagram Profile Photo

EmmaLee Wolf

Ballers Heaven🏀欢迎Dm询问代理 (@ballers_heaven19) Instagram Profile Photo

Ballers Heaven🏀欢迎Dm询问代理

Kyrie Flytrap 2 “Blue Hero”正式推出🔥 本款鞋面採用了较硬的织物材料,前掌的外侧有一个热熔的加固处理,同时在前掌的两侧,分别是一个「K」和「11」的特殊编织处理,分别代表了欧文的名字「KYRIE」以及他的球衣号码11,算是一点欧文的个人特色😏 鞋底采用XDR设计,非常耐磨,适合在室外球场打球的大家😤 一双只卖你Rm2xx Size:Us6, Us7.5,Us9, Us 9.5,Us 10,Us 11,Us 12 欢迎Dm我们了解详情😃 #flytrap

Garry Burton (@garry_burton_) Instagram Profile Photo

Garry Burton

Sun's out, flies out.

Hong Kong VFT~香港食蟲植物 捕蠅草專賣家 (@venusflytrap_hk) Instagram Profile Photo

Hong Kong VFT~香港食蟲植物 捕蠅草專賣家

Hong Kong

來緊又有一個清夾夾 大行動 😂 80-180hkd之間 大家有意可以預先PM 查詢 優先選購😍 #flytrap

Ron Phipps (@takedown8) Instagram Profile Photo

Ron Phipps

What a weekend. @sharkbite10p invited @jeremiahvance10 out for a seminar and many of my teammates from @element5academy made the trip out to beautiful Newport, OR to @tsunami_training Friday night was light rolls, dinner as a group and then we camped in the gym. Up early to surf and get the moving. A short pre seminar session where Jeremiah showed us the details of the Fly Trap. Then 3 hours of really great, detailed, easy to understand moves from the back to the truck and around again. All while making small important tweaks along the way that will make the difference. We wrapped things up with some more rolls and then we smashed some sushi before the drive home. Thanks Jeremiah for making the trek and we hope you'll be back. Nathan you've created a great training environment in one of the most beautiful places in the world. And lastly thanks to @laughingbadger for joining on the drive and always being a great partner. If you are ever in Santa Barbara or LA look up Jeremiah, he'll up your game. #flytrap

Going to be posting my haul from San Diego’s carnivorous plant society annual sale! This is the Dionaea Sawtooth! I’ve always wanted one of these and I finally got one at such a great price 🥰🥰🥰 this is from a local LACPS member Maggie Chen 😍 she’s the goddess of fly trap growers 😂 thanks for another great one! Last year I picked up king Henry from her. I think you can all see why it’s called sawtooth! #flytrap

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