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Resumes that land jobs ⚡️ (@osppcareerservices) Instagram Profile Photo

Resumes that land jobs ⚡️

Someone told me this was you today. 😂 Is it true? Here are 10 tips to feel more pumped about your workdays: 1. Create a Playlist to Boost Your Mood 2. Just Smile 3. Plan an Office Event 4. Make Your Mornings Count 5. Talk to Your Boss About Creating a Flexible Schedule 6. Drink Water 7. Buy Yourself Some Flowers 8. Plan to Take a Workcation 9. Remember Your Value 10. Set Aside 20 Minutes a Day for Personal Tasks Check out more trick and services at OSProfessionalPortfolios.com . . . . . . . . . . #FridayThoughts

S t e p h a n i e  H i g h 🌿 (@stephyhigh) Instagram Profile Photo

S t e p h a n i e H i g h 🌿

This kid is the KING of refusing dinner! 🤯 He’ll wait for us to have dinner all cleaned up and then beg for a snack cause he’s starving!! 🙄 😂 Please tell me I not alone here!!!

that DJ MystrEman (@that_dj_mystreman) Instagram Profile Photo

that DJ MystrEman

@matchmakermaria • • • • • This is one of the most asked questions we receive when we do every Wednesday. “When should we define the relationship.” First of all, who cares? Labels are social constructs that don’t mean anything. Just because someone is your boyfriend does not mean he’s a good boyfriend. It’s just a label that distracts you by having you ask “what are we?” instead of the right question, which is “should we be?” My friend @chrissyford wrote to me in my DMs, “Define the relationship is just a buzz phrase to keep girls in a perpetual state of anxiety.” THIS IS TRUTH. What do you think? (Also-my first time doing . Hope it’s okay?) . . . . . #fridaythoughts

SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd (@smartschool_education) Instagram Profile Photo

SmartSchool Education Pvt Ltd

A or B? Anyone Knows? Answer it now as - Top 3 will get selected plus they will be featured on our facebook and Insta pages!! Awesome? Yes, we know it is!!🤗😎 Comment fast! Hurry up! You have to be one of them! #fridaythoughts

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