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Bryan Longet (@bryanlonget) Instagram Profile Photo

Bryan Longet

Luigi Eboli (God Greek ) (@luigi_eboli_) Instagram Profile Photo

Luigi Eboli (God Greek )

💎 αɳɳιƙα 💎 (@annika_riedel_) Instagram Profile Photo

💎 αɳɳιƙα 💎

Susanna Pieri (@susannapieri) Instagram Profile Photo

Susanna Pieri

Yine muhteşem bir lezzetle karşınızdayız.. #friendship

Stephanie 🦋 (@itsmrssanon) Instagram Profile Photo

Stephanie 🦋

I’ve always agreed on the rule with communication, “ Tell it how it really is” or, “ Speak your mind out!”even, “Girl if you don’t like something, you better say something or else!” . . . Although I quite comfortable with speaking out my mind and being “blunt”, sometimes there are moments where the best thing to do is just to be silent . YES silent! It took it a very long time (still struggling) to understand the whys and hows. Bottom line- you will have to pick and choose your battles in life and really think, “Is it worth me telling her how wrong she is?” or “ Is my opinion or advice going to matter to this person in the next 5 years?” Sometimes being an active listener is the best support that you can offer. It’s like being an open journal to someone but in human life ! Remember- what has not been said can never hurt and what is spoken of can never be taken back 💭 . . . . . hip

Adriana Beraldo Simone (@adriberaldo) Instagram Profile Photo

Adriana Beraldo Simone

Das fofuras de se fazer novos amigos !! #friendship

DoTerra 💝Sharrese (@sharrese_allred) Instagram Profile Photo

DoTerra 💝Sharrese

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