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Noah Brightwell💎✌🏽️♌️

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🅰️🅁🄸🄴🄻™ | 🇪🇨

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Transcend Them

Our newest / biggest model! Available now! (Link in bio) - - - - #ftm #ftm #ftm man man

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rocco kayiatos

Info over share. In late 2013, I ended up in the hospital with dvt ( clots) from calf to groin. This issue can be asymptomatic. I lucked out with a superficial clot that took me to the doctor where I had to push to get a scan of my deep vein. I was hospitalized for 5 days and put on thinners for 8 months. I went to specialist after specialist to find a cause, ultimately nothing came of that and it remained a mystery. I went to 3 different specialist doctors and asked if a decade and a half of HRT could contribute, all assured me this is not a risk associate with injectable testosterone. I finally saw a very competent endocrinologist that confirmed my suspicion and said that testosterone can ABSOLUTELY contribute to potential for DVT clots. There’s been no long term studies of this drug on human bodies but short term studies confirm this elevated risk. Why don’t competent doctors know this and arm us with this info. Trans people have to do our own research and make informed decisions over and over again. Being a guinea pig is a little scary but what’s scarier is that doctors seem to sometimes know less than us. Comment below if you’ve been on T a long time and experienced strange health issues a doctor couldn’t advise you on. Let’s info share. . . . . health #ftm men menofig gendermen

Nantes, France

Des choses futi me ramène à toi, malgré tes mensonges, nos engueulades, ta carapace qui veut dominer tout autour de toi. Des choses futi que je jette par dessus toits, malgré le manque, mon amour, et mes regrets qui domine l’angoisse au fond de moi.

@d_yanes10 🏳‍⚧🏳‍⚧🏳‍⚧🏳‍⚧ . . . men boy man #ftm pride s #ftm s

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Assortment Of Gay Beans

People keep thinking I'm 13 and i just ~👽 meme memes memes #ftm

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