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Symposio | Healthy Restaurant (@symposio.restaurant) Instagram Profile Photo

Symposio | Healthy Restaurant

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Karim & Anna Zaatar (@atelier9.zaatar) Instagram Profile Photo

Karim & Anna Zaatar

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Lukas |running life my way

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Gooseberry Bridge Farm (@gooseberrybridgefarm) Instagram Profile Photo

Gooseberry Bridge Farm

Gooseberry Bridge Farm

Around 20 pounds of produce, a dozen and a half eggs, about 2 quarts of milk .. today is one of those days when we see the actual fruits of our labor. When we aren’t just watering and tending and feeding and waiting. #gardenlove

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Rex Wire

New garden pet. Check your local garden centers for deals. Glydon Gardens (butler maryland), Dicks Landscaping (Eldersburg), Poor Boys (Parkville) to name a few. Valley view is great, but nothing is really on ✌"clearance"✌. love

el_lepu_callejero (@el_lepu_callejero) Instagram Profile Photo


Detalles que solo encuentras en la ciudad de Santiago de los Caballeros "ANTIGUA GUATEMALA"... LUGARES LLENOS DE MAGIA Y MUCHA ILUSIÓN. #GARDENLOVE 🇬🇹

Stacey Sager (@staceysager7) Instagram Profile Photo

Stacey Sager

When big travel weeks become huge garden weeks. 😱🌈❤️💚💙💜🧡💛 Honestly I could’ve harvested all day. Gave more food away than we could eat. love

West Coast Gardens (@westcoastgardens) Instagram Profile Photo

West Coast Gardens

The tall and elegant Agapanthus is this week's FEATURE PLANT!⁣ These wonderful flowers are blooming machines and essentially the tropical equivalent of the daylily. A landscape staple in warm-winter regions, Agapanthus is a low-maintenance perennial that produces colourful globes of blue/purple or white trumpet-shape flowers in summer and fall. Agapanthus' evergreen strappy leaves add texture to beds, borders, and containers, too throughout the fall and winter. With that combination of attributes, what more can you ask for?⁣ ⁣ #GardenLove

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