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Junichi Uchida (@uchida_junichi) Instagram Profile Photo

Junichi Uchida

久々に東京マルイから物資を受領 これでやっとGEISSELE URG-Iを戦線に投入できる と思いきや、今月もサバゲ行けそうにない😫 #GEISSELE

Burton Cheatham (@burtoncheatham) Instagram Profile Photo

Burton Cheatham

Got myself a Wiebad Mini Range Cube to use a rear shooting support. Trying to keep all my range stuff relatively uniform with the Coyote Color. This thing is a bit bigger than I had anticipated, but I will give it a shot. Might get the Badger Bone by Badger Ordinance in the future if this one turns out to be too big to lug around in my Range Bag. #geissele

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