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We are never left alone!

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What is happening in our waiting? Is it just an empty space between our prayers and their fulfillment? No, in our waiting, God does His deepest work. God is sanctifying us and teaching us to trust Him. Sometimes we get what we are waiting for, and we rejoice and are grateful. Other times, we never see that fulfillment on earth, and we are drawn closer to God as we continue to seek Him. God has not forgotten us. It’s not that our requests are unimportant. He will answer them in His own time, which is also always the best time for us. He sees what we cannot see; He knows the potential dangers and snares He is protecting us from. While we’re waiting, God is with us. He aches with us, cries with us, comforts us. He meets us in our and uses all our struggles for our good. One day, we will thank Him for everything that He gave us, and denied us, on this earth ✨ iswithus

It was just one year ago God send an angel 😇 on this earth You are a precious gift who has filled our life with happiness 💞💞💞💞🌼🌼💟💟💝 My baby's first birthday iswithus Immanuel 💞🌼🌼🌼🍬🍬 July 18

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Fraby Edu

Welcome Bienvenido BWEE Ecuador a nuestra Frabylia #GodIsWithUs

@youngpreacherthemovement @thecarnerjlc He’s always present. • • @thecarnerjlc ・・・ "Deus absconditus", a Latin term for "Hidden God", says to us that we can't always know where God is but He will always be present and active in our lives. #Godiswithus 🏆

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Walk by Faith Apparel

Encouraging Reminder: Brothers and sisters, when the going gets tough, prayer should get going even more so. Challenging times is not a time to distant ourselves from our Heavenly Father, but a time to lean in closer, have faith and pray our way through it. I know sometimes it may not seem like it, but God hears your prayers. 🙏🏽 — So I encourage you today — to keep on praying.

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