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Wedding Officiant l Chris Gray (@weddingofficiant_revcgray) Instagram Profile Photo

Wedding Officiant l Chris Gray

Perfidious Jewellery (@perfidiousjewellery) Instagram Profile Photo

Perfidious Jewellery

How gorgeous and lavish is this jacket? I love @draculaclothing, and when I was sent this photo, it made me go "OooOOOhhh!" This is being worn by the groom at a wedding I've just completed a commission for (see the second picture for what he'll be accessorising with!) It's a crimson and black, gothic themed wedding. It sounds like such a personalised wedding, with a couple who will be thoroughly enjoying their day. . . . . smenstyle

Frédéric Heijdemans (@fredferry) Instagram Profile Photo

Frédéric Heijdemans

GPIB Maranatha

Happy wedding day my brother @andrylunga may you and your lovely bride @devripys live happily ever after! ✨ • style

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