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Artemy Borisoglebsky

🏃‍♂️Вперёд продвигать оружейную культуру в РФ🇷🇺 .Кодекс стрелка .1. Я всегда буду обращаться с Оружием, как с заряженным! .2. Я никогда не направлю Оружие туда, куда не хочу стрелять! .3. Перед тем как выстрелить , я всегда проверю, что перед мишенью и за ней! .4. Я никогда не коснусь пальцем спускового крючка, пока Оружие не будет направленно на мишень 🎯! . . . channels🇺🇸

So if you pay attention you'll notice a young lady pop up over my shoulder. I bring this up because I had a great discussion with her and her boyfriend/husband (didn't ask). Turns out we had brought the same guns to the range that day and we all just went back and forth on what we did /didn't like about them as well as the mods we had made to the firearms. I say this all with a point. That point being don't be afraid to talk to your lane neighbors next time your at the range. Our community is full of kind people who all love guns. The range is the place to practice but it can also be a great place for disscussion and meeting like-minded people. Be sure to check out the newest video on the link attached to my profile. #gunchannels

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