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Blind Tasty

_SáÝÝēĐ_ĶÅVïŠH (@sayyed_kavish) Instagram Profile Photo


❤shraddhakapoor (@allure_outfits.15) Instagram Profile Photo


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Auburn Jewelry

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Nar’e Stoudemire

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Cristi Toader 4Fit

กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม ของแท้ 💯% (@happenbe_bagstore) Instagram Profile Photo

กระเป๋าแบรนด์เนม ของแท้ 💯%

🇺🇲 Double #Hearts 🇺🇲🇺🇲 กำไลข้อมือ ขนาดประมาณ 16cm 🐝Price : 2,690.- Free EMS

Raavee Gupta-Biddvai (@r.aah.vee) Instagram Profile Photo

Raavee Gupta-Biddvai

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Where we is home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our #hearts .

How amazing is my new design from the very talented @soverycassie 😍 #hearts

Engr Oliseh Martins (@otuya_m) Instagram Profile Photo

Engr Oliseh Martins

Golf Estate Peter Odili Road Phc

come in many forms. lies not in being , but in the using of . He is the whose strength up the most #hearts by the of his This is how I want to be remembered, like my father before me, not for being rich but for the numbers of people he via everywhere he went.. Today everywhere I have been to relating to work ( trust me in have been around) knows That and speak of it.. That's what life is about

Richa Sharma (@cvriosity_rs) Instagram Profile Photo

Richa Sharma

In a world where people are already struggling to up their economic status, where some are stretching it hard to meet their daily needs, some are living, some are surviving, in a world where people aren’t even close to knowing what’s Life, we don’t even let them know they are really being strong out there. It’s such a beautiful thing to appreciate people, and thankfully, there’s no price to pay. I wonder what stops us. There are so many roles, one individual plays, every day, to keep up in the game, stay strong for the family, give warmth in relationships, think about others, think about own, think how it’s going to work out, think of plan Bs, think while sleeping, think while awake, just go on and on and on. But you know one day, we’ll realize that the push that came from gut, is now tired, it’s just going to sit in there and not push you anymore, your words aren’t enough for it, where are the people for it pushed so much, why is no one around to pump it up when its down, where’s the thing, that’s called, “Team.” With our extremely busy lives, striving to keep everyone happy, we often forget to take some breathing time for ourselves. Unless you get the peace, you deserve, you won’t be able to give the love you want to, to your precious people. Mostly, they won’t even understand, mostly cause you won’t show you’re drained, mostly cause even if you let it out, they won’t understand the weight of it, instead, they’ll say, “you’re so strong,” and leave you with the weight. And there you’ll be again, talking to your gut, getting it ready for another push, another day, another goal, another you. Another you, that got fooled by people, whom you love #hearts

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