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Manaaki Alchemy

You know the TRUTH by the way it feels, trust your higher knowing

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Natalie Lemas (@natalie_lemas) Instagram Profile Photo

Natalie Lemas

🔐The clarity you’re looking for comes from the inside Why do you ask people who have not lived your dre for advice? Instead of searching for wisdom online, begin searching within. Start by taking out a journal and writing on a few prompts. 1. What I resisting most in my life right now? 2. What is the most compelling vision for my future that I could imagine? 3. Imagine you are living your dre life, what advice would you need to give yourself to get there? You have an internal guidance system that knows exactly what is in your highest alignment. Sometimes, we hide from connecting to that part of us that holds our deepest truth because of what we may decide to change, let go of, or shift. Remember, all of the answers that you’re looking for reside on the inside; not in other people’s opinions.

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Action For Happiness

Drop a “❤️” and double tap if you agree! Follow 👉 @action_for_happiness 👈for daily motivational content 🔮

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MNIFST - Reality Realised

Your reality is a projection of the world that exist within your mind. . The health of your mind, is an indicator of the type of reality you'll experience as a consequence with a properly controlled mind being something that can create infinite possibilities & potentials for you to expand upon, whilst a unstable & uncontrolled mind is susceptible to deception, manipulation to keep you locked in cage of limits. . If you are experiencing and of the symptoms from the right side, its your duty to tend to those schisms and to heal then before they cause more havoc in the coming months. . We're coming to a time in humanity where the more you repress, the more it will show itself on the surface. You simply cant hide your inner world anymore. . So if you dont want others to read your inner world, its best to start tending to it. . Follow @mnifst.co for more

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