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Casa De Bullys

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*NEW ARRIVAL* Indians at Mission San José Tank Top! Von Langsdorf Sketch of Indians at Mission San José in 1806. These are the images they hide from us. Some may never seen this image until now. This is an untouched photo of Ohlone/Costanoan Indians. YES, Indians can be dark skin and have afros. They hid this image for a reason. 👌🏽 Shop this tank at https://shoporigine.com

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Say goodbye to plastic, and bag your goodies in our Plant More Trees organic cotton tote bag. There’s more than enough room for groceries, books, and anything in between. Only available at shoporigine.com

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Nehiyanahk Creations

I read somewhere that the most powerful example of strength is the ability to still be gentle. My mum is the most gentle person I know, despite surviving the Indian Residential School system. To have her here to help me as I get ready to deliver my second child means the world. I hope it also means my daughter will receive some of her gentle strength. It’s an honour to have her wear my beadwork; she is the epitome of being Earrings and medallion: @nehiyanahk_creations (me) Shirt: @reclaimyourpower ♥️ • ***************************** • • • • • people

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Minority Rights Group

Tibetan Plateau

The impacts of climate change on the Tibetan Plateau – melting glaciers, river runoff, rising lakes and increasing rainfall – are well known. Yet the impacts on Tibetans themselves, numbering some 6 million people and occupying almost 2 per cent of the planet’s land, attract far less attention. ⠀ .⠀ Instead the focus is almost entirely geopolitical, on global impacts and global responses: actual Tibetan land managers are absent, even though they make land-use decisions daily in a climate that has always been highly variable, requiring great skill in living with uncertainty. ⠀ .⠀ Water provision from Tibet has become the top priority for China’s central planners, resulting in the zoning of prime grassland landscapes as national parks from which most Tibetan pastoralists are excluded, in the name of guaranteeing water retention and downstream provision. Ultimately, the official policy is to return huge areas to their original, pristine state as grassland wilderness, ignoring millennia of landscape curation by nomadic herders. ⠀ .⠀ Is environmental protectionism causing more harm than good as indigenous ways of life are swept aside to create appealing scenery rather than properly conserve the land? Read the full article through the link in our bio.⠀ .⠀ #indigenouspeople ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photo by Panos / Kieran Dodds

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Lila Akal

Plusieurs sièc après que la fièvre aurifère se soit emparée des premiers colons européens, la recherche du métal précieux continue d’empoisonner le Caquetá, fleuve d'Amazonie colombienne. Dans la réserve de Los Monos, Murui, ethnie ayant déjà été classée « en voie d’extinction » par la Cour constitutionnelle colombienne en 2009, font face à la mort prématurée des anciens et à la recrudescence de naissances d’enfants souffrant de malformations, de troub neurologiques et présentant une espérance de vie écourtée. Pour en savoir plus, rendez-vous à l'exposition à Myriagone jusqu'au 17 août ou sur Igapo Project. >>>> #indigenouspeople

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Taboo Nawasha

London, United Kingdom

Met up with my native brother @ashkiiloco in London for this week’s episode of to discuss his Ancestry thru dance and the importance of representing for globally - he and his crew @indigenousenterprise are all about educating and inspiring all to understand what positive indigenous representation looks like ✊🏼 Watch tomorrow for the full episode 🏆🎥 @directedbysterling

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