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that... that’s not how this works. @lingangc your mascot is racist and dated. No one cares if you think it is a lovely portrait, it is offensive and should be changed. It’s 2019, do better. rights

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Tiffany Gates

Mililani Town, Hawaii

Share this! Help out! Do your part in protecting Mauna Kea. Sign the petition! Donate! But share this. Mauna kea is a beacon to those who have a connection to these islands. You can feel her Mana through the earth. Reaching up to the stars, guiding us through this universe like a celestial lighthouse. When you're anywhere on the island you know she's there watching over us all. Her majestic sloping down to the sea, her beautiful summit glistening in the sunrise and sunset. You can feel the heart beat if you're still enough. Anyone who has seen her in person knows there is something extra special there. From the beautiful koa forests towards her base to the snow topped summit there is no doubt in my mind that she impacts anyone who is open enough. If life has taught me anything, it's that change is constant and a challenge is an invitation for growth. I'm challenging the people, corporations and politicians who are responsible to grow and open up their minds. There are other places that are not on the top of such a scared space. Take this chance and show some respect. If science is about exploration and finding a new way to better human existence, then let's take that route. From one indigenous woman to the world. #indigenousrights

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Sanctuary Produce Farm

Well hello there!!! It's been quite some time! Allow me to reintroduce myself, my fily, and my farm. My ne is Alex. I a white man. I have been called to action. By magic inspirational people, words, music and experiences, and by the sheful words and actions of some. ( ) For so long have I yearned to be a force of positivity and change. I can no longer stand on the sidelines, I need to be that force right now. In the coming weeks I will be unveiling my passion project. A food equality events project that aims to bring community empowerment and healing back to its true roots; food security, music, art, dance, celebration. The most true and deep of inspirations are my children. I will never know what it's truly like for them to live in this society as people of color. What I do know is I want to be a part of making this world a safer, more secure, more loving place for ALL people. Don't you want that too? So much more to come! Stay tuned! #indigenousrights

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Native American

Repost from @genebraverock Glacier Park in Montana please follow me: -@[@wenativeamerican_

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