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Edward Mitchell (@redrizingmoon) Instagram Profile Photo

Edward Mitchell

Introducing my Spooder family 🕷️♥️ . Yes, I own three tarantulas and I understand that this would be some people's worse nightmare. 😶😅 . However, I hope their beauty is obvious. They are fasinating to observe; having their own personalities and strategies for capturing prey. They understand routine and percieve their domestic environment to their advantage. . They are not the scary, nasty or creatures we identify them as. They are evolutionary masters of 380 million years; having 35,000+ species alive today. 💪 . . ofinstagram

Jason Huppert (@j.m.h.macro) Instagram Profile Photo

Jason Huppert

Found this Orb Weaver between the trusses of a man bridge. This was one of my first attempts at Macro. I had a cheap on "magnifier" and I was shooting in *shudder* JPG. Thankfully she was pretty big and was preoccupied with dinner, so I got a bunch of shots! . . . . . . sofinstagram

Heather Rolland (@catskillshalia) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Rolland

Dragon 🐉 fly 🦟. sofinstagram

Edge Hill

Cold enough for turtleneck sweaters and dewy grass in Cairns today where I found this soggy moth and hitched him a ride to safe place to rehydrate and defrost 👉🏻🌺👉🏻 I walked by about 20 minutes later and he was happily resting so that’s my wholesome joy for today. [for cuteness overload watch him trying to feed from the holes in my sweater on stories😭] . . . . . . #insectsofinstagram

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