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Randy Jordan Ortañez (@randy_ortanez) Instagram Profile Photo

Randy Jordan Ortañez

Fabiana Sera 🌸 (@fabianasera) Instagram Profile Photo

Fabiana Sera 🌸

Pietro Vattiata (@pietrobg) Instagram Profile Photo

Pietro Vattiata

Robert William's (@mundos_nuevos) Instagram Profile Photo

Robert William's

“Los días de mi infancia transcurrieron de asombro en asombro, de revelación en revelación. Nací en un medio rural y crecí frente a un horizonte de balidos y relinchos.” ~ Héctor Atahualpa Yupanqui #instatravel

Infivi travel (@travel.infivi.sk) Instagram Profile Photo

Infivi travel

Palace of the Parliament

The heaviest building in the world, Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania. With it's weight of 4,098,500,000 kg and floor area 365,000 square metres it is also the largest and the most expensive legislature building in the world, worth 3 billion euros. Photo taken 20. 7. 2019.   #🇷🇴 #instatravel

Dr. GoodFood ™️ (@drgoodfood) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. GoodFood ™️

Dr. Man asked Sage what she wanted to do for her 5th birthday. Without hesitation, she stated she wanted to go to Disney! While she loves Disney (and so do we!), I believe she equally enjoyed her stay at @waldorfastoriaorlando. Here is a little doc of our stay... ▫️ #instatravel waltdisneyworld

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