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🇳🇴Kenneth Handberg (@handberg20) Instagram Profile Photo

🇳🇴Kenneth Handberg

🇳🇴Kenneth Handberg (@handberg20) Instagram Profile Photo

🇳🇴Kenneth Handberg

IPSC • EMILY (@ipsc.emily.giarola) Instagram Profile Photo


Yuraima Díaz 🔝 (@yuraimadiaz_ipsc) Instagram Profile Photo

Yuraima Díaz 🔝

Team Heckler & Koch Norway (@teamhknorway) Instagram Profile Photo

Team Heckler & Koch Norway

Alexandre Berdat (@alexberdatshooting) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexandre Berdat

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Paul Hagiantoniou

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Pavel Torgashov

Alexandre Berdat (@alexberdatshooting) Instagram Profile Photo

Alexandre Berdat

A little end of day practice yesterday. Starting with DA on a USPSA popper at 13 yards, then engaging a single target from three (10 to 15 yards away depending on the port) trying not to come to a complete stop when shooting and getting the gun up and aimed before exiting cover. The stage is mirrored so I can do the same drill but from the opposite side. —— CZ Shadow2 by @1911speedshop —— @harrisandsons FF-12 Hearing Performance Inserts. —— @czusafirearms #ipsc @theuspsa

Atiradores do Brasil (@atiradoresdobrasil) Instagram Profile Photo

Atiradores do Brasil

A provas envolvem agilidade com uso uso dediferentes armas. O que você acha? . . . . . 📸@apcompetitiveshooter #ipsc

‼️ATTENTION‼️My little guy needs your prayers. He was recently diagnosed with hemolytic anemia - it’s a disease in which your immune system attacks your own red cells. He was admitted last night and is doing ok - made it through his first round of transfusions like a champ, because he’s an Illiano and is a fighter! Now - I’m not asking my gun community friends for money because we’re all broke from buying guns and loading our own ammo, BUT I know the gun community folks are all amazing followers of Jesus Christ. So I’m calling on my friends here to pray for my boy. He’s 13 and a half, but he’s got a lot of life in him. Many of you that know me, know that my dogs, Hardy and Ellie are a package deal. There isn’t a go fund me and once again I’m NOT asking for money. Just pray for my son so that he comes back home to his mom dad and sister. I love all of you on here and any prayers would be appreciated! In closing - how cute does he look in my Oakley range glasses? Such a G! #ipsc @titanballistics @shootmajorloads @ashgoespewpew

Morgan Timing Systems (@morgantiming) Instagram Profile Photo

Morgan Timing Systems

Think our founding fathers would have dusted off their musket a while ago. #ipsc

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