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But the insulins bruh? Stop focusing so much on the little things and focus on your overall diet and your adherence to it.💯💯💯 @iraki_nutrition • • • • • 😎Here’s the second episode of this insulin series! You have certainly heard that mainly carbohydrates are responsible for driving insulin to the roof when ingested. - ☝🏽However, the problem with this line of thinking is that also protein highly stimulates insulin secretion. In fact, in Boelsma et al. study we can see how even at the same caloric amount, the two compared meals have actually two diverse responses to insulin secretion: the highest one in protein actually caused an higher insulin secretion along with higher perceived levels of satiety and postprandial wellness suchlike better relaxation and alertness. The lower protein meal, on the other hand, caused an higher spike in glucose levels and a slightly lower insulin response. - 👨🏻‍🔬Another study by Pal & Ellis, in which the meals had 51 grams of protein and 11 grams of carbohydrates, shows how whey protein besides having an higher insulin response when compared to egg, tuna and turkey protein, also had the strongest effect on appetite suppression. - 🤔Interestingly, in the same reported study the caloric consumption in the upcoming meal was lower in the whey group, admittedly reducing the overall food intake than when the subjects were fed with the other types of protein. - 🤓The take-homes from these studies are that amino-acids, which are the building block of protein, can directly stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin without having to be converted to glucose first such as carbohydrates. Focusing too much on insulin rather than your overall diet and adherence is like "missing the forest for the trees" thus stop worrying on this precious hormone which actually assists in controlling sugar and regulating appetite. - 📊Infographic by @eliaolivierobarbon #ironparadise 

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THAT’S the we were talking about in our latest episode! 🥰 Can’t WAIT for this movie! (Link in bio) @therock ・・・ Early we rise, tonight we shine. Great to get early morning workouts in with my Uso, @romanreigns at my #IronParadise this week. Tonight is our massive HOBBS & SHAW WORLD PREMIERE and it’s time celebrate with Hollywood, the world and especially, THE FANS. From my cousin Roman to @idriselba, I brought in only the baddest, most talented (and most fun;) dudes on the planet to be in HOBBS & SHAW. Actually, we’re just a bunch of big ol’ sweethearts 😂🖤 lookin’ for a song to sing. See everyone tonight, enjoy the premiere (and the surprises;) and let’s have some fun. HOBBS & SHAW 🥃

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