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world cake hub (@cakesintheworld) Instagram Profile Photo

world cake hub

Port Harcourt

Beautiful . . . . . . BAKER:@sweetsweets.heart . COUNTRY: . . . . cakes

Dimpie Zuzon-Lim (@dimpie) Instagram Profile Photo

Dimpie Zuzon-Lim

Had fun making this Rainbow Confetti Cake. Except for the part where some sprinkles scattered on the floor, and I had to sweep it quickly so my baby won't pick it up.. thank you! #japancakes

Cerise Sweet (@honeyedcerise) Instagram Profile Photo

Cerise Sweet

Hot chocolate with cakes!! The seasonal cakes were really good but the hot cocoa was the best! Thick and creamy~

アリス☀️クララ🌙カレン⭐️ (@alice_clara_karen) Instagram Profile Photo


This 🍰 shop has unique products💖 What do you think there is in the🍎❓The answer is...mousse of unbaked cheesecake🧀🍰with 🍎jelly and flavor✨It’s so lovely💕😋☀️🌙⭐️ cakes

#japancakes I cannot get enough of these melon cakes!!! They are insanely sweet and yummy!!

K u r o s a k i 黒崎 (@kurosakifran) Instagram Profile Photo

K u r o s a k i 黒崎

A big surprise (in the morning)! 🧁 . . . . . . #japancakes

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