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Tom O. Stendal (@tomstendal) Instagram Profile Photo

Tom O. Stendal

A little jump on a small mountain top in Kabelvåg 👊👊😁 #kabelvåg


Denne fine fyren leverer grønnsaker til våre trofaste kunder mellom 1700-1800 i på mandager og #kabelvåg på tirsdager. Vil du også sikre deg en kasse? Gå inn på Polarhagen.no og kjøp kasse der :)

Marika🇫🇮🌍 (@marikaoo) Instagram Profile Photo



Tänään startattiin aamulla Kabelvågin pikkukylästä kohti Lofoottien eteläkärkeä, ja mitä ihania pikkukyliä matkan varrelle sattuikaan, ja maisemat! Ja arvatkaapa vaan montako pysähdystä päivän aikana tehtiin...😊 #kabelvåg

MALIN+PETTER • Travel couple (@two.on.travel) Instagram Profile Photo

MALIN+PETTER • Travel couple

Haukland beach

Can't believe we've been to Lofoten!! 🇳🇴 It's one of these places that seemed hard to reach. It wasn't. We could even have taken a plane but what's the fun in that? 🤷 It took us a solid 20 hours by train and and then a few more hours by car. But what a scenic route! Everywhere we passed stunning mountains and beautiful fjords. We probably used the word "Wow!" about a thousand times. This photo is taken at Haukland beach. Lofoten got magical beaches but not really the temperature for a swim 😆 After a full day in the car driving from Tromsø to Kabelvåg it was great to check in at our red little cabin (swipe to see), play some cards and enjoy the view before bed. What's the most scenic roadtrip you've been on? 🙌 . . . #kabelvåg


After days of "backyard"-diving and bare feet the rain has come 😜 #kabelvåg

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