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Katherine Aliaga Ch. (@kattyaliaga.ch) Instagram Profile Photo

Katherine Aliaga Ch.

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Valentina Charrat Lazzara

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Kiai Artes Marciais

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Marianita Grillo Caraban

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Leo 🔥

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Carlos Ramon Júnior

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Italo Zagnoli

/Dī(e)mend/ with a V (@divmond.dazed) Instagram Profile Photo

/Dī(e)mend/ with a V

🇷🇺 Алексей Медведев🇷🇺 (@aleksey_mma85) Instagram Profile Photo

🇷🇺 Алексей Медведев🇷🇺

Maida Gym Aldershot

“You have no business sparring if you do not have abs of steel” - Bruce Lee One of the most important attributes for a fighter to have is a strong core, the core is what allows the power from the to transfer into punches and elbows through kinematic chains and what also allows power to generate in and knees. It is the heart of a fighter. The core should be trained as often as physically possible especially to improve overall striking power, stamina and of course aesthetics💪🏽Here’s an image from a brutal core circuit during our K1/Muay Thai class (Monday 7-8:30) we never neglect any aspect needed for a fighter to be in peak condition🤼‍♂️ • • • • • • • • • #kickboxing

Great work out session tonight. A few rounds of pad work, some sparring and stretching. Bra träningspass ikväll. Några ronder mitts, lite sparring och stretching. #kickboxing

Justin G Newell (@justin4fitness) Instagram Profile Photo

Justin G Newell

Prestige Martial Arts & Fitness

I may be taller than you......but I still look up to you. . He hates these mushy posts lol......I can hear him saying “you’re so annoying on social media” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 . But that’s the beauty of this brotherhood...I get to be me, he gets to be him.....and it works marvelously. We’re still at the first layer of this business journey, and I appreciate everything @bat_nam takes the time to teach me. And trust me......there’s A LOT for me to still learn. . So if you actually make it down this far to read this Namchops......thank you for being you, and for doing you so well.....and for letting me be me. 💯💚 . We are, Team Prestige 💪🏼🥋🏋🏽‍♂️🦵🏽🦵🏽 @prestigemafit . . . . #kickboxing

9Round Branford (@9roundbranfordct) Instagram Profile Photo

9Round Branford

Variety is the spice of life! That's why we change our workouts every day. Keeping things fun and interesting is part of what makes 9Round so awesome! #kickboxing

Great work by this bunch in the heat tonight. Congratulations to all those who passed there next kickboxing grading . #kickboxing

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