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Here u go I reread part of the manga again and thought hard- - Thanks for 100 again❤️- - - Some of the pics were to big and the names got cut off but you know who they r😖- - ——————————————— ~Follow @knight_king_arthur for more! - ~Turn on Post notifications! - ~Tag other Anime Fans! —————————————— - Tags: #knight

The Sioux are an important Amerindian ethnic and linguistic group in central and southeastern North America, originally speaking so-called "Siouan" languages. The Sioux people are often subdivided into two subgroups: the Catobas today almost disappeared (there is still a small reserve in South Carolina) the big Sioux family, which itself has other subdivisions (chiwere, dhegiha, winnebago, mandan). The same name "sioux" is used to indicate a specific group of tribes, culturally and linguistically very close: Lakotas, Nakotas and Dakotas, names that all mean "allies". This article basically deals with this second use of the term. ________________________ #knight

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