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As a lot of my followers are older and professional, here is something which could help you improve your formal English! Comment below with an example you can come up with from this post 😁 . . . learning

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Poder = To be able to. One of the most common irregular Spanish verbs. Can you conjugate these? Practice Spanish conjugation with customizable conjugation quizzes. Link in our bio. #languagelearning

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Learning In keeping with the Theme Of Ukraine , I wanted to share another Doukhobor Dialect Word of Ukrainian Origin and Influence- “Досье” ( Dosei) the word “Still” as in- Still I wait- Досье Я жду. The standard Russian word for still is Еще, and There is a Ukrainian term Досi ( Dosi) - which Google Translate has as “Still” also . I love that the Doukhobor community can be an example of Slavic heritage promoting Both Russian and Ukrainian culture, especially during the Crimea Conflict and other Eastern Tensions. A Pacifist Slavic Russian- Ukrainian Old Believer community still retaining elements of old Russia and its slavic hospitality. Дуже Хорошо !

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