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Shmuel Nemirovsky (@shmuel_nemirovsky) Instagram Profile Photo

Shmuel Nemirovsky

Fluffy Chanthip (@piiintayaaa) Instagram Profile Photo

Fluffy Chanthip

مرﯛ̲୭شـۘ❈ـ໋ۘ۠هہؚ •  ҉💗 (@mr_td_a) Instagram Profile Photo

مرﯛ̲୭شـۘ❈ـ໋ۘ۠هہؚ • ҉💗

Jadirley Silva | Osteopata (@jadirleysilva_coach) Instagram Profile Photo

Jadirley Silva | Osteopata

Phrases&Wallpapers (@phrases_and_wallpapers_) Instagram Profile Photo


𝕊𝕙𝕚𝕞𝕖𝕣🍁 (@shimergreen) Instagram Profile Photo


freedive israel (@freediveisrael) Instagram Profile Photo

freedive israel

Севастополь ТЦ (@sevastopol.tc.saransk) Instagram Profile Photo

Севастополь ТЦ

Jagdish Ghanchi (@bhati_tiger_itzzz) Instagram Profile Photo

Jagdish Ghanchi

НЕДВИЖИМОСТЬ В СОЧИ (@kristinapriv_sochi) Instagram Profile Photo


G.Yung Ⓜ️ (@gpunktyung) Instagram Profile Photo

G.Yung Ⓜ️

So this , @the.nightshade made me a care package to make me feel a little more human while I go through things that make me feel like garbage. You ! Thank you so much for these gorgeous pieces! #life

👑ٕلیلیٰ افغان 🔵® (@laila._.afghan) Instagram Profile Photo

👑ٕلیلیٰ افغان 🔵®

Maza Agaya😛🔥👑 . . FOLLOW @laila._.afghan for more videos💖 . #life

DressPhone (@dress.phonea) Instagram Profile Photo


“La vita è come uno specchio, ti sorride se la guardi sorridendo” Cit Jim Morrison Hai paura di avere un po’ di rucola tra i denti????con questa cover ovvierai al problema. E non dite che non ci pensiamo #life

Life Coach | Sarah McAtee 🗝 (@sarahmichellecoaching) Instagram Profile Photo

Life Coach | Sarah McAtee 🗝

Los Angeles, California

I have struggled with this. 🔹 I remember first starting out and really believing my coaching was unique because I didn’t know of anyone else who was a Law of Attraction based Mindset Coach and then last October after someone asked me what I do, and they replied “oh so like what @manifestationbabe does?” 🔷 I was crushed. 🔷 I felt like the wind got knocked out of my sales. I got in my head and started doubting myself. I didn’t want to like Katherin. 🔷 That was my ego. • That was my scarcity mindset. 🔷 But then someone told me, “your superpower isn’t using Law of Attraction in your coaching Sarah, your superpower is YOU. There is NO OTHER person like you and that’s why people hire you.” 🔷 That snapped me out of it real quick and I began following Katherin on everything and she’s AMAZING and here I 9 months later now doing her 5 day challenge and I can honestly say comparison never crosses my mind. There is more then enough room for ALL of our GENIUS. 🔷 So this one’s for my fellow creatives out there who are currently struggling with this. 🔷 You have an energetic imprint, an aura a vibe that is uniquely your own. Now go OWN IT!! • (P.S. I tried posting this all day yesterday and.... nothing. The mercury retrograde is no joke 😂) #life

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