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alvaro cabrera Jr. (@alcabreraphoto) Instagram Profile Photo

alvaro cabrera Jr.

Tiara Rae Photography (@huskertiara) Instagram Profile Photo

Tiara Rae Photography

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley

Airglow-- I noticed green on the horizon in some of my Death Valley Milky Way shots. I looked into it and discovered it is "airglow." A simplified explanation is that the sun nitrogen and oxygen atoms off of their molecules all day. At night, those molecules reform and let off various colors. The brightest is in the green/yellow part of the visible light spectrum, which is what my camera picked up. . . . _shots

Saul Flores (@saul_visuals) Instagram Profile Photo

Saul Flores

San Diego, California

Going to try some night photography! Let's collab :)

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