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Lets Go Pokemon

With Team Rocket invading the game and gaining shadow Pokemon, it’s up to us to help purify them and help remove their dark aura! I happened to stumble across a grunt who carried a shadow Rattata, which was a humble start to the new feature🙂. . . In addition to this, the One-Piece Pikachu is now live (they can be shiny) and there are medals for purifying Pokemon (Purifier medal) and defeating those nasty Rocket grunts (Hero medal). Lots of stuff to keep track of!😅 . . Have you guys found any Team Rocket stops yet? If you have, what shadow Pokemon did they leave behind? Let me know in the comments below!😉⬇️ . . . . . #lugia 🎮

Episodes 7-8 of my Pokémon Silver Randomizer Nuzlocke Race is up on Youtube! Watch the full stream with the link in my bio! #lugia

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Daily Geek Images!!!

Pokémon TCG - Reshiram official art By: 7ZEL (Twitter)

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