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MJ Beats

"Em seu coração muito bonito e muito humano, @MichaelJackson não queria nada mais do que dar amor ao mundo. Para compartilhar de seu talento singular e sua alma e, talvez, ser amado de volta e retornar através de suas palavras, a sua música e as suas inúmeras boas ações, Michael fez muito para tentar curar o nosso mundo" _ Lucius Smith, Pastor e amigo da família Jackson mjbeats.com.br 💻 reidopop.com 👑 #Making

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Check out the over @timothydegrootart today! today at the @rareformcreatives ! A little #making class i taught today for the @bfatlorg

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Matt Bell

Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia

Thought I’d pile up some other things I’ve made, while I’m at it. Sasha’s little woodcarving Knife as a size/style comparison. Recently used this thing to start a fire and had no trouble bashing it through hardwood to split down to kindling size. A Scandi grind would have been better for the task of actually carving something. The Bruxa kitchen knife is my favorite and is the second knife I made. While not perfect, it’s the most refined and functional knife I’ve made, and I love using it. Has started to patina nicely. The red thing is a pencil pouch that was inspired by a lot of cheaper ones you can get. It’s pretty minimal and I’ve not even bothered to finish the edges but it’s incredibly functional and I like carrying it. Learning a lot as I’ve tackled each of these and is great to be making things I able to enjoy using! #Making is great!

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