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This cover is printed on G Print White paper from @arctic_paper. With a beautiful blue PMS color, we created the cover. But that wasn't enough. It was missing something, but what? All we needed was a matte plastification and a 3D varnish printtechnique to create the perfect 'look and feel'. . . Designed by @tricksforbricks . . color #matteplastification

When creating a brochure, you always need to think about how the brand is communicating. As a contemporary and very affordable housing project that meets all living expectations of today, needed a matching brochure in a graphic papered matter. This original concept by @tricksforbricks is printed on G Print White paper with a finishing touch of 3D varnish and matte plastification. . . How do you stand out? . . #matteplastification

Are you searching for a quick and cheap way of bookbinding? 📘'Stapling' would be perfect for you. As being one of the most common techniques, it's also very fast. An ideal finish for your presentation folder or brochure. 💙 . . What binding would you go for? . . Designed by @tricksforbricks #matteplastification

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