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Slammed the e39 today, don’t mind the hovercraft fitment, new wheels coming soon 🥴🤪 #maxspeedingrods...😂

David Muir (@davidwmuir) Instagram Profile Photo

David Muir

Toronto, Ontario

Operating Correctly. Close to 3 years ago I began rebuilding this engine in my spare time. What might have been a short bottom end job turned into a forged bottom end, bigger turbo and intercooler, head porting, 5 angle job and a list of work, parts and planning too long to post here. I can proudly say I did it and the result is fast, reliable and fun to drive. #maxspeedingrods

Out with the old, in with the new #maxspeedingrods

Roulette Zoku (@rollingzoku89) Instagram Profile Photo

Roulette Zoku

Went and put the M3 wheels on the rear again. Did lots of driving last week. Best thing is i came up on that rare small case automatic 4.44 Limited Slip Differential. Hoping to install that this weekend and get my open 3.45 ratio differential welded too. I want to do a proper aero kit for this car soon. My 1980's F1 Ground Effect style front skirt/rear skirt is cool but I crave more. Always remember to check out↙ @lecreamshop !!! #maxspeedingrods

Roulette Zoku (@rollingzoku89) Instagram Profile Photo

Roulette Zoku

I can't wait to install this 4.44 short ratio LSD in my car and try it out! I think the short ratios will match the M42 4cyl perfectly. Won't be too good for commuting, so i still need to the stock 3.45 ratio open diff. #maxspeedingrods

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