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The Hypochondriac Translator

Do you have a morning routine? Mine involves soy milk and a slice of bread with black cherry jam and then I go out with my little dog Dora to explore the surroundings. During the week, our walks take us past (and sometimes to the bakery for the extra donut. ⠀ Usually, on weekends I get up a little later and look forward to longer hikes with Dora or for the next adventure in a new book . ⠀ What’s your morning routine during the week/weekends?

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http://bit.ly/2Gl4qNV Care to Translate Application - digital medical translator for healthcare personnel - complement to human interpreters in healthcare, available 24/7 in your smart device. Can be used in any situation when something needs to be communicated fast, e.g. before, during or after a conversation with a human interpreter, whether it is in an acute situation or in daily work at the ward. Reduces the risk of misdiagnosis, malpractice, complications, readmissions and hospitalization time by providing safer and more accurate communication between patients and healthcare providers. #medicaltranslator

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