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SELYMES DIETMAR™️ (@selymesdietmar) Instagram Profile Photo


summer hair cut, creating this textured messy hairstyle @a_lazaro10 ✂️💈#menhairstyle ✂️ ❤️

Munich, Germany

kanye dress me up like a doll

🦁🇩🇪Joel Magnus (@joel_magnus) Instagram Profile Photo

🦁🇩🇪Joel Magnus

Bochum, Germany

🇩🇪Worte ohne Handlungen sind gar nichts wert, genauso wie gute Vorsätze oder tolle Ideen. Nur wenn du auch was machst, du also wirklich etwas veränderst, bringen dir diese Dinge auch etwas. @joel_magnus ___________________ 🇺🇸Words without actions are worth nothing, as well as good intentions or great ideas. Only if you do something, you really change something, these things lead to a a better situation @joel_magnus

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